Mobile SEO – Evolution of Digital Marketing

Mobile SEO – Evolution of Digital Marketing

We know that mobile has become the initial requirement and necessity of any individual. Day by day, there is a lot of improvement in mobile technologies rather than only calling and receiving they are providing benefits such as GPS tracking, Online Shopping made easy, editing documents, FM Synchronisation, Listening to Music, etc. In this blog, you will get to know about Mobile SEO – Evolution of Digital Marketing

What is Mobile Optimisation?

It is the process of making the site responsive, mobile-friendly, and providing the best experience to the user. It helps you to grow your business that’s why mobile optimisation is important for an organisation.

Nowadays, if we are searching for a product or a service we use the desktop version of a web page. Due to advanced technological improvements, we are now able to search for a product or a service via mobile called Mobile SEO.

It’s the saying that “Mobile users will soon take on desktop users.” Mobile has become a backbone of digital marketing, Optimisation on mobile is compulsory according to the new update proposed by Google.

Welcoming new evolutionary aspects of MOBILE SEO techniques.

Convulsive User- Engagement

The desktop has a larger screen than the mobile.  So, if searches are made via desktop it hardly matters search engine rankings that are at the first position or fifth position, people will click those links only that are holding at the first rank on the first page.

Social Media engagement influences SEO factors. Desktop and mobile views both have differences in their look and appearance and both have different user engagement.


Mobile SEO Audit

A site audit is not the new phrase for webmasters. Every blogger runs a test to identify the weakness of a business website.

So you can run an SEO audit to know site performance. The idea behind the test is to know whether the factors are affecting over-site performance on mobile.

There are many tools that you can use for the site audit. Once you finish the site analysis it’s time for gathering some crucial issues from the website.


The Common technical SEO problems that you would find while auditing your site:

  1. Site loading speed on a mobile device: Make it fixed by using CDN, fewer plug-ins, a simple well-coded theme, and responsive web design configuration.
  2. Image optimisation: Use jpeg image file format, compression, and Zip.
  3. Server response time: Contact your hosting provider to take the possible actions.
  4. Landing page redirection: Redirection increases the HTTP requests which further increases server response time. 
  5. Magnify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: Remove unnecessary commenting from the coding area.


Implementation using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMP is the best mobile SEO practice that includes two benefits the first super boosts your loading speed and the second will improve your overall SEO ranking.

For Webmasters, AMP is the supreme source to enlarge the user experience. But for businesses, don’t use AMP mobile version because it makes the design of your web page very poor.


Advantages of AMP:
  • Fast and reliable mobile page speed.
  • It is user friendly.
  • Its is cost effective.


Mobile SEO Best Techniques

Never block your CSS, JavaScript, and images:

You need to clarify that Google only understands your mobile design if you enable all scripting and CSS. A time ago, Google just rendered you text, but now you need to provide the better option to distinguish between all design models.

So, representing your CSS and JS in front of Google is the best Mobile SEO practice to make mobile first indexing.

Its delightful simple, just go ahead and check your Robot.txt file. If you find these lines of code then Google can see resource,

For example:

User-agent: googlebot

Allow: /*.js

Allow: /*.css

Make sure you add these commands to your Robot.txt file to CSS, JS, and images.

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